Vic's Ice Cream adding coffee business

Vic's Ice Cream Parlor has been on the corner of Riverside Boulevard for more than 60  years.  Now, the second-generation owner says he's investing $200,000 to open a new business right next door.

Vic’s Ice Cream expands

Vic’s Ice Cream the longtime Land Park fixture, is expanding, adding a next-door coffee cafe that could open by year’s end. When it does, Vic’s Café will offer a double-scoop of local pairings, serving Temple Coffee brews and Old Soul pastries.

Bringing back coffee to Riverside Boulevard

The 3100 block on Riverside Boulevard has a recent history of coffee shops that have come and gone. For xxx years until xxxx, Central Valley Coffee used to be the neighborhood go-to place for a hot cup of java. Also, there was a small coffee bar inside Land Bark Pet Supplies that closed in 2010.
~LandPark News